Catering Breakfast Buffet Selections

Menu available from 6AM till 11AM

Continental Breakfast
Continental Breakfast Buffet @ $10.95++ per person
(25 person minimum)
  • A selection of homemade Cinnamon Rolls
  • Blueberry and Bran Muffin
  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • Coffee and Hot Tea
  • Orange Juice
Breakfast Buffet
Hoosier Breakfast Buffet @ $14.95 ++ per person
(25 person minimum)
  • Scrambled Eggs and choice of two of the following:
  • Bacon, sausage links, ham or sausage gravy and biscuits
  • Hash browns or fried potatoes
  • Blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls,
  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • Coffee and hot tea
  • Orange Juice

Breaks and Snacks

A little of this and a little of that to help productivity for your meetings, social and business

Morning Breaks
  • assorted Danish pastries                                 $17.95++ per dozen
  • Assorted Bagels with cream cheese                $1.95++ each
  • Fresh croissants with flavored butters             $1.95++ each
  • Assorted bakery fresh doughnuts                    $17.95++ per dozen
  • Bran and Fruit Muffins                                     $17.95++ per dozen


Beverages :

Fresh brewed coffee, regular and decaffeinated

Chilled vegetable or fruit juice